Standing Seam Metal Roofing

We get it. You want a low-maintenance roofing solution that will last a lifetime. Who doesn’t? Have you considered standing seam metal roofing?

Metal standing seam roof

Invest in a Roof that You Can Count on for Years.

Right up front, the cost of standing seam metal roofing can look scary. That makes sense. But the quality and durability of standing seam roofing long outweigh the price tag. If you’re serious about finding the best roofing out there, you came to the right place.


  • Concealed fasteners are protected from rust and eliminate leaks
  • Healthy flex with changing weather conditions
  • Known to last up to 50 years longer than traditional asphalt shingles
  • Lighter in weight yet more durable than most other roofing materials

All Around Efficient

  • Highly reflective material, saving you up to 40% on energy costs
  • Impressive fire resistance
  • 100% recyclable
  • Not suspect to insect or rot damage
  • Strong under ice, snow, and blizzard conditions

Low Maintenance

  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Made to last a lifetime

Metal Roofing Options

From rustic to modern and anything in between. We have you covered. Drexel metal roofing comes in a variety of colors and widths. Choose metal for your entire roof or as an accent, adding charm and beauty to your home.

Choose from these options.

Snap-lock Standing Seam

  • Roll-formed
  • Male and female legs that snap together
  • Often used commercially
  • Performs best on steep roofs


Double-lock Standing Seam

  • Roll-formed
  • Mechanically seamed for a watertight fit
  • Necessary for low-slope roofs
  • Wide panels with a classy look


Want to avoid roof maintenance for years to come? We’re here to help you choose the perfect metal roofing solution for your home.



Concerned about ice and snow avalanches?

Snow guards will keep your rain gutters safe. Not only will they prevent snow from ruining your gutters, but they’ll also protect your landscaping, vehicles, and even your family as they walk under your home’s eaves. Berger and Beartown — snow guard brands you can trust.

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